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Green Hotel in Tzaneen

Tzaneen Country Lodge is the greenest hotel in Limpopo, probably in all Southern Africa. We did not become green, we started Green and we stay Green. We are truly committed and believe in eco sustainability. For us it is not a fad or an advertising necessity.

Solar energy is used for all water heating. Energy saving lighting is used in every possible situation. Evaporator coolers are used extensively and air-conditioners only where unavoidable.

We sanitise and purify all water we use and then re-cycle it for irrigating our gardens and mango farm. This 100% re-cycling of water not only conserves this precious resource but also safeguards the pristine uncontaminated quality of our groundwater, which is drawn from wells 120m below the surface. The quality of aquatic and bird life in our surface waters is a testament to our concern for our environment. By using solid wood dining tables and laminated conference tables in conjunction with a guest linen replacement policy, we further save significant quantities of water.

We farm a small portion intensively and we have returned 60% of previous agricultural land to indigenous forest, where over 3000 indigenous species of flora and fauna have been re-established. Re-cycling here is not a catch word but a way of life. Besides following the prescribed best practices policies on solid waste we even recycle buildings.

Please contact us for greater detail on our practices and policies. We hope that if you do visit your can help us in practical ways to improve on what we are doing.

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