Overnight & Day Hiking Trails

Experience nature as you hike through beautiful valleys and fragrant pine forests and get to see exquisite birds. With names, such as Secretary Bird and the Loerie, hikers are bound to come back after their first one-day trail to do another.

Hikers are given the awesome opportunity to explore these spectacular mountain regions and deep, sometimes uncharted caves or magnificent mountain scenery with tumbling waterfalls, isolated rock pools and lush indigenous forests.

Komatiland Forestry (KLF) welcomes you to our exciting world of eco-tourism. Whether hiking, roughing it up in a 4x4, or mountain biking, we can provide the outdoor venue to make your time in nature, one of unparalleled enjoyment!


Soutpansberg Hiking Trail

The Soutpansberg Hiking Trail is situated in the Louis Trichardt area of the Limpopo Province. It can be found in the northernmost mountain range of South Africa – the Soutpansberg – which was formed from sediments and lava deposited here about 2 000 million years ago.The Soutpansberg Hiking Trail is a trail that every serious hiker should venture. On the trail, there are expansive views of the surrounding bushveld, valleys and outcrops. The spectacular Hanglip peak dominates the southern slope at sunrise and makes the hike even more memorable. This area is a bird-watchers paradise with about 400 bird species, including the rock kestrel, jackal buzzard, red-winged starling and African hawk eagle.This moderate to difficult trail, which is 18.8 km long, starts at the Soutpansberg Hut.

Trail options

The only trail option on the Soutpansberg Hiking Trail is the Hanglip Two-night Circular Trail.


Entabeni Hiking Trail

The Entabeni Hiking Trail is situated in the Levubu area, in the eastern Soutpansberg range of the Limpopo Province.This challenging trail through indigenous forests and pine plantations is just the place for hikers who want to get in touch with nature. Hikers who keep their eyes peeled and their binoculars handy might spot a Verreaux's eagle (black eagle), or African goshawk. Although the area is considered one of the best for bird watching, the animals are just as spectacular – African civets lurk in the shadows and dassies run for cover in rock crevices. Two of the main attractions along this trail are American redwood trees and the Ebbe Dam.The difficulty rating of this trail ranges from moderate to difficult.

Trail options

The Entabeni Two-day Overnight Trail consists of two circular routes that form a figure eight. Each loop is 16 km and circle back to the Entabeni Hut, where the trail sections start and end.


Magoebaskloof Hiking Trail

The Magoebaskloof Hiking Trail is situated in the Tzaneen area of the Limpopo Province.While hiking along this scenic trail, surrounded by the aroma of pine trees and the calls of emerald cuckoos and Knysna loeries, it is difficult to believe that this tranquil place once was the setting of a fierce battle between two warrior chiefs. Forestry was also once an integral part of every day life in this kloof. Today, some reminders of this past era, such as the sawpits, can still be seen. The main attractions on the trail are the O' Connor Memorial and the historical avenue of eucalyptus trees.The difficulty ratings of the trails range between moderate and difficult.

Trail options

The Magoebaskloof Hiking Trail has various trail options ranging from Two- to Five-night Trails. The trail can be started from the De Hoek, Woodbush, or Broederstroom Huts. The shortest trail is 20.5 km and the longest is 62.4 km.


Fanie Botha Hiking Trail

The Fanie Botha Hiking Trail is situated in the Sabie area of Mpumalanga Province. It is located on the Drakensberg escarpment and provides hikers with marvellous views over a variety of landscapes far below.As one walks along the pine plantations and indigenous forests and stand in awe of the sheer beauty at the various crystal-clear waterfalls, it becomes obvious why so many hikers describe this as the perfect hiking destination. On this trail, hikers can admire the Lone Creek and Mac Mac Falls, both national monuments, or just get carried away by the scenic grandeur of the Drakensberg escarpment. Some of the main attractions on this trail are Mount Moodie and the Mac Mac Pools.The difficulty ratings of the trails range from easy to difficult.

Trail options

The Fanie Botha Hiking Trail has various trail options ranging from Two- to Five-night Trails. The trail can be started from the Ceylon, Graskop or President Burger Huts. The shortest route on this trail is 17.1 km and the longest route is 58.8 km.


Prospector's Hiking Trail

The Prospector's Hiking Trail is situated in the Pilgrim's Rest area of Mpumalanga Province.Never been to a living museum? Then make reservations now and visit the long-gone era of the gold rush. There are numerous things worth 'discovering' – from the tents in which the early diggers lived to the beautiful scenery that includes fynbos, a clivia bush and various small pools along the rocky areas. Hikers must also keep their eyes open for wild horses that occur on the plateau. On this trail, there is enough time to explore the charming town of Pilgrim's Rest where hikers can browse around various shops or quench their thirst at the legendary Royal Hotel.The difficulty ratings of the trails range from easy to very difficult.

Trail options

The Prospector's Hiking Trail has various options, ranging from Two- to Four-night Trails. The trail can be started from the Morgenzon Plantation or the Pilgrim's Rest Hut, which is situated 1 km from Pilgrim's Rest on the road to Graskop/Sabie. The shortest route on this trail is 20.9 km and the longest route is 67.8 km.


Kaapschehoop Hiking Trail

The Kaapschehoop Hiking Trail is situated in the historic De Kaap Gold Fields in the Nelspruit area of Mpumalanga Province.On this trail, hikers can see several buildings that were built during the gold rush in the early 1880s. Another interesting sight includes the blue swallow plain, which is a section of grassland that has specifically been set aside for the protection of the blue swallow's habitat. Another highlight is the wild horses, for which Kaapschehoop is famous. Hikers also get the oppor­tunity to explore the Kaapschehoop village with its arts and crafts shops.New to the trail, the Florence Hill hut also offers accommodation and braai facilities if you wish to stay overnight.The difficulty ratings of the trails range from moderate to difficult.

Trail options

The Kaapschehoop Hiking Trail has various trail options ranging from Two- to Four-nights. The trail can be started from Barretts (train) Coaches or the Kaapschehoop Hut. The shortest route on this trail is 20.8 km and the longest is 35.9 km.


Uitsoek Hiking Trail

The Uitsoek Hiking Trail is situated in the Sudwala/Nelspruit area of Mpumalanga Province.Experience the beauty of the Drakensberg when walking from the foothills of the mountain range to the escarpment and back. Set in the southeast of Mpumalanga, this trail traverses deep valleys and high mountains. As hikers walk from the low-lying areas to the higher areas in the mountains, they can expect to see a wide variety of plants that include the dwarf red-hot poker, pineapple flower and eight disa species. This trail is a must for plant lovers.The trails are moderately difficult to very difficult.

Trail options

The Uitsoek Hiking Trail has three trail options. The overnight backpack route, Houtbosloop, is quite strenuous and should be attempted by fit and experienced hikers only. The easier Beestekraalspruit and Bakkrans Two-day Circular Trails are both 11 km long and start and end at the Uitsoek Hut.


Day Hiking Trails in the Sabie area, Mpumalanga

The Loerie Day Trail, a challenging 10.2 km hike, can be started at the Castle Rock caravan park or the Bridal Veil Falls in the Sabie area, Mpumalanga. This walk takes hikers along the valleys of the Sabie River and past the Bridal Veil, Glynis and Elna Falls.

Graskop Day Trail is a 13.3 km circular trail that starts at the Graskop Hut in the village of Graskop and takes you through a patch of indigenous trees, across the Mac Mac River to the Forest Falls. On your way back to Graskop Hut, the trail ascends through the pine plantation.

Forest Falls Nature Walk Day Trail starts and ends at the Green Heritage Picnic Site and is a 4.5 km circular route. On this day trail, hikers walk through an indigenous forest and along a tributary of the Mac Mac River to eventually reach the Forest Falls that has a breadth greater than its height.

Secretary Bird Day Trail is a 3 km crescent route that starts at the Mac Mac Pools. Be sure to watch out for secretary birds and grey duikers.


Day Hiking Trails in the Sudwala area, Mpumalanga

Beestekraalspruit Day Trail is an 11 km, circular trail that takes about five hours to complete.

Hikers walk through pine plantations, an indigenous scrub forest and grassland to the edge of Beestekraalspruit and into the spruit itself.

Bakkrans Day Trail, which takes about five hours to complete, is an 11 km circular trail that takes the hiker to Bakkrans Waterfall.

The Beestekraalpruit and Bakkrans Day Trails can be combined with the overnight Uitsoek Hiking Trail.


Day Hiking Trail in the Tzaneen area, Limpopo

The Rooikat Nature Walk winds through the New Agatha Plantation that is set against the Krugerkop and Tandberg of the Wolkberg. Hikers pass through pine plantations and follow the course of the Bobs River. Picnic facilities are available at Die Akker Picnic Site. Contact the New Agatha Plantation offices at +27 15 307 4310 for more information.


Day Hiking Trail in the Louis Trichardt area, Limpopo

The Hanglip Day Trail consists of a 20-minute and a 2.5-hour trail. Both trails explore the interesting southern slope of the Soutpansberg in the vicinity of the Hanglip buttress. This is an excellent birding trail, with birds such as the Knysna and purple crested lourie and Narina trogon occurring here in abundance. There is also a beautiful viewpoint that overlooks the lower lying savannah areas.

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